Goodnight, Seattle

Bookclub copy

This book was recommended by a friend. Our family backgrounds are similar, we are the same age, went to the same elementary school and middle school. We then attended different high schools (although part of the same county) and different colleges, although both were funded by the same state.

Years later, we began talking again when I discovered he was writing for a prominent guitar magazine. The conversations were generally about music and art.

Then, the 2016 presidential election came. I posted a video of Ben Shapiro and he wanted to discuss the topics for my personal opinions. Up to this point we had expressed similar tastes, so he wasn’t expecting me to lean to the right when it came to politics.

Having spent the majority of his adulthood in New York City and recently moving to Seattle, he admitted to having few encounters with conservative viewpoints. When they were presented, they were easily dismissed.

This began a series of conversations between us, but the correspondence ended after about a month. I don’t believe it was due to a lack of interest, life just kept interrupting.

I miss our conversations.


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