Echo Chamber

I have worked in environments surrounded by liberals (at one place, Trump’s face was given a Hitler mustache and posted on a dartboard) and I have worked in environments surrounded by conservatives (at one place, we listened to Rush Limbaugh in the afternoons). The point of interest to me is that both parties feel marginalized, because both are at odds with the surrounding culture. Urban mazes are proudly dominated by lefties, and areas beyond city limits are proudly dominated by right wingers.

It is difficult to question people you agree with and it is a serious challenge to conclude polarized debates without claiming opposition as stupid or evil. Personally, I assume to be in the minority wherever I go. If you claim to be a Christian, I am considerably more orthodox. If you’re a liberal, I am too conservative. If you’re a conservative, I sound like a libertarian.

The result of “to each his own” is comforts of an echo chamber.


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