OK Boomer

One of the stories my mother recites often goes like this. Boys, when I’m old and gray which one of you will take care of me? My brother quickly responds with something like, you can come live with me! Then my mother points her gaze in my direction with a smile. To which my response is, I’ll pay him (my older brother) to take care of you.

Apparently, I did not care for old people when I was a kid. The elderly person being my mom did not make a difference. 

So imagine my surprise when I noticed one day that I am friends with a Boomer.

We agree and disagree regularly, but our conversations can resemble a lecture. She will try to prove that her ignorance of current technology does not make her dumb. I will try to prove that my usefulness goes beyond holding a device. Despite her generation being known as psychedelic hippies, she never experimented with drugs or orgies. My generation is known for being precious little snowflakes, but I don’t consider myself to be easily offended.

Somehow we often discuss culture and politics. Growing up in the same town adds to the interest of inspecting the generational gap between us. She will ask me, how did we get here? Why are Millennials cultural kamikaze pilots? 

Do you not recognize your creation, Dr. Frankenstein?

Modern problems require a modern solution, and that solution is admiring the emperor’s new clothes. The revolution on behalf of the oppressed has corporate sponsorships. 

You are either paranoid or naive. State the obvious, wait 2 years, now you’re a bigot.

At this point, she is bewildered, and for good reason. Alright, I’ll slow down and be specific.

2 + 2 = 5. In case you don’t believe me, here is an article.

Also, Abraham Lincoln was a white supremacist. Yes, the guy famous for the Emancipation Proclamation. Here’s a link.

Social issues are being defined by a guilt coalition. They all use the same argument, which is that they’ve been wronged and the only way to correct it is by giving them what they want. Using superfluous and exotic words, the meaning is consistently a demand for compliance.

The desire for higher quality customer service resulted with the customer always being right. Good intentions led to people antagonizing retail workers knowing the worst case scenario is being rewarded. Oh, you ordered this thing but now regret it? Please don’t leave a bad review! Here, have some coupons.

This mentality is not restricted to retail.

Robert Rauschenberg erased a drawing he obtained from Willem de Kooning in 1953. The result is considered a respectable piece of art. This event predates 1981, I just wanted to remind you that the decline of civilization began before Millennials were born.

The Dadaists saw the devastation of World War 1 and concluded that humanity should reject beauty. For the rationale was that humanity was ugly and therefore deserved ugly art. There are certainly cultural Marxists running around, pointing at hierarchies as tools of oppression, equating all disparities with evil. Yet, I believe Cultural Dadaism is the appropriate term for what we are seeing. 

Particularly, the Dadaists used art as a means to destroy art. The focus was to infiltrate respected galleries in order to dismantle the system. From what I observe, the same mindset has been unleashed upon our universities, which then flows into corporate America.

Being told declarative statements on behalf of “smart people” without further evidence sounds like propaganda. Those producing and celebrating such propaganda are often complaining about the lack of French cathedrals in Rome. 

“Yale will stop teaching a storied introductory survey course in art history, citing the impossibility of adequately covering the entire field — and its varied cultural backgrounds — in one course.”

Technically speaking, students at this prestigious Ivy League University known throughout the world are struggling to reconcile the quantity of white people living in Europe during the Renaissance.

You’re only as smart as the person that agrees with you.

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