Dumbest Smart Person

My brother used to tell me, you are the dumbest smart person I know. I had forgotten about that until I electrocuted myself last night.

I was fixing a wiring situation at the brake pedal of my car. Half of my body was hanging outside in the cold wind, I could only use one hand because of the small space. It was awkward and frustrating and then the exposed wire found the steering column. The reaction shook my body a little, but the main result was that my hand hurt for 20 minutes. It then seemed reasonable to disconnect the battery.

That’s the second time I’ve been electrocuted. I’m beginning to wonder if this is how I die.

The first time, I was probably 16 or 17 years old, lifeguarding at a pool in the middle of nowhere at a summer camp. One day there was a huge thunder storm with lightning and we had to close the pool. However, the lifeguards had to stay incase the sky cleared. I was thirsty and gave no thought to the water fountain being an exposed metal pole sticking out of the ground. And up into the air I went.

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