Doublespeak & Wrongthink

The banjo player is leaving a world famous band after receiving backlash for approving a controversial book. An apology was issued, but that too received backlash. It’s funny because he’s the banjo player, in trouble for reading a book.

For those of you that don’t follow Mumford, here’s the explanation given by Winston.

I understand the desire to be moderate on issues, I have certainly noticed reactions he describes repeated in other situations. Criticizing the Left will result in people assuming you to be on the Right. However, he flattens the blame more evenly than I think reasonable.

The Left came out against him because he thought well of a book by Andy Ngo that criticized Antifa. The Right came out against him because he apologized to the mob. The Right doesn’t have many examples of popular contrarians to support, so he quickly gained and lost the status.

One side was mad that he read a book. The other side was mad that he apologized for reading the book. These are not the same complaint. However, this being difficult for fans to cope with is another serious problem that can sound funny when out of context.

Reminds me of a bank I used to visit. A television was installed for those waiting in line. Attempts were made to find a moderate news source. Eventually they tried The Weather Channel, but that was too political. Bank ads were kept on a loop, and now the TV is unplugged.

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