The Freedom to Leave but Desire To Stay

My favorite place to visit is Los Angeles, my wife prefers New York City. Although we enjoy our stay in these places, we have no desire to permanently live there and we do not actively seek to turn our local government into replicas of these cities. 

On the other hand, I am reminded of Californians and New Yorkers migrating in a consistent pattern. The result seems to turn Red areas Blue, because they are not predominantly moving in a way that would maintain a hue of Blue.

I have more to say but will leave that for a later time. Perhaps I will also include a better transition.

When critiquing the shifting lexicon the usual response is that language evolves, this is natural, what’s the harm? We no longer use thee and thou in typical conversation, certain terms could/should/would be the same. Denial of this seems similar to someone saying gay when indicating happiness. Yet, there are word games being played, definitions matter. Perhaps not to participants at first, but not every change is an improvement.

The difference is not always as subtle as saying pop or soda. Differences can be as consequential as saying football or soccer. Perhaps the same, perhaps completely different. Context and target audience help determine word choice. Yet, word choice correlates with meaning. In addition to word games, the logic being utilized is a stacked deck of cards. Only racist idiots disagree with me.

Your definitions make me look bad so I’m going to formulate new meaning. I can do this because things I don’t like are a social construct, we need to develop new constructs that affirm my desires. This is the way to Utopia, I’m on the right side of history. It’s setting up the dialogue so that no one can reasonably oppose you. Disagreement proves you don’t understand, your disagreement proves your definitions are wrong, it’s a catch 22. The only way to avoid pejoratives is to agree, and pragmatists define winning based on agreement. In order to win you must agree, and only winners can claim to have virtue and honor.

The desires of 1 generation will be considered normal and boring by those that follow. I Love Lucy showed the married couple sleeping in separate beds because a single would be too risqué. It’s been a while, but remember WAP? Our society is obsessed with race, it is obsessed with sex. Civil rights offer a purpose, sex offers us pleasure. The volume knob is turned to 11, and St. George has found another dragon.

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