I am one of the many people who grew up fascinated and inspired by the way Monet and Van Gogh painted. As a young adult I learned that this style of painting was laughed at and heavily criticized by the academy that trained and defined artists. Impressionism was a pejorative.

Yet, this style (Impressionism and Post-Impressionism) was later loved, vindicated and emulated by amateurs and professionals. However, just because something is despised at first doesn’t mean it will later be approved. A fork without prongs is unique, but it is not useful.

It seems common to observe people wanting to be Copernicus. Heathens claim him as they continue a pursuit against dogmas of approved religion. They do this in abundance, as is required when overthrowing religious doctrine. However, the other side claims Copernicus as well.

Their claim is with observations that historical religious domination has already been dismantled. Those swinging swords in the air are surrounded by ruins, the cathedral has fallen. They claim Copernicus because the state has since formed a new religion out of the ashes.

It is secular, in that it denies theistic might and intervention, yet it has constituted sacred texts and obedience with fervor that resembles monks in a monastery. They are Copernicus seeking to rival the state religion of political correctness and whatever else is fashionable.

All of the nonconformists are shopping at Hot Topic. You can tell they are nonconformist because they all look the same. I need not describe the meme because the imagery is already in your head. What is acceptable is a social construct.

Everything I don’t like is a social construct, mailable to my desire. All I need to do is accumulate enough likeminded people to pave the road and we will arrive at Utopia.

Everyone claims to be the hero. Courageous through the lens of hindsight. They want a Diet of Worms moment, but at a time when the Pope has no strength. Seeking the claim of fighting a bear, it’s age and health is insignificant. It could have been a cub, but a bear nonetheless.

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