Echo Chamber

I have worked in environments surrounded by liberals (at one place, Trump’s face was given a Hitler mustache and posted on a dartboard) and I have worked in environments surrounded by conservatives (at one place, we listened to Rush Limbaugh in the afternoons). The point of interest to me is that both parties feel marginalized, [...]

A Question Was Asked and I Responded

Throughout drafts of writing this my thoughts have strayed from the topic at hand. As a millennial man attracted to the teachings of Mark Driscoll and Jordan Peterson, what was/is the appeal and connection to them? Our contemporary culture is reacting to previous circumstances. This should be an obvious observation, but we (as a common [...]

Goodnight, Seattle

This book was recommended by a friend. Our family backgrounds are similar, we are the same age, went to the same elementary school and middle school. We then attended different high schools (although part of the same county) and different colleges, although both were funded by the same state. Years later, we began talking again [...]

Erasing an Oil Painting

Eight months after my father’s death, during the week of his birthday, I produced my most criticized painting. To be fair, I refrained from confessing my emotional condition to peers and instructor to allow an honest critique. My work hung on the wall among six other paintings by classmates. When the discussion arrived at mine, [...]