Failed Art Career

I didn’t grow up wanting to be an artist, but art was always something to do and I haven’t permanently left the pursuit. I’ve mentioned before that both of my parents had abusive upbringings. My father’s response was to be distant, paranoid of emotionally scarring his children. My mother began collecting and reading every parenting [...]

OK Boomer

One of the stories my mother recites often goes like this. Boys, when I’m old and gray which one of you will take care of me? My brother quickly responds with something like, you can come live with me! Then my mother points her gaze in my direction with a smile. To which my response [...]


When someone says modern art, I often consider things like– –which question the skill level required to be popular. I understand where the mockery comes from, but there is a double standard to address. The typical complaint relates to a common ability to reproduce an expensive painting with recognizable features. To summarize, a child can [...]

Erasing an Oil Painting

Eight months after my father’s death, during the week of his birthday, I produced my most criticized painting. To be fair, I refrained from confessing my emotional condition to peers and instructor to allow an honest critique. My work hung on the wall among six other paintings by classmates. When the discussion arrived at mine, [...]