If I were to deconstruct those Cracker Barrel Christians, I would do so by comparing them to tight pants. This does seem to be a cultural result, and there are other aspects as well. The transition from clerical robes to tight jeans with holes, how massive and elaborate pulpits have become mobile podiums, how choirs [...]


I’m going down memory lane, I’ll keep this bullet pointed. Both of my parents endured abusive upbringings. Despite this my brother and I were raised in a Christian home. My father was given faith as an adult and decided to learn Hebrew to better understand the Tanakh. As a consequence I learned the Hebrew alphabet [...]

A Question Was Asked and I Responded

Throughout drafts of writing this my thoughts have strayed from the topic at hand. As a millennial man attracted to the teachings of Mark Driscoll and Jordan Peterson, what was/is the appeal and connection to them? Our contemporary culture is reacting to previous circumstances. This should be an obvious observation, but we (as a common [...]