If I were to deconstruct those Cracker Barrel Christians, I would do so by comparing them to tight pants. This does seem to be a cultural result, and there are other aspects as well. The transition from clerical robes to tight jeans with holes, how massive and elaborate pulpits have become mobile podiums, how choirs [...]


Considering I have assignments due tomorrow, I am officially back in college. The first time wasn’t fun. I went there after high school, later changed my major, eventually dropped out. I transferred twice but did return and graduate from where I began. I was waking up at 4am and worked my first job from 5-11:30. [...]


I am one of the many people who grew up fascinated and inspired by the way Monet and Van Gogh painted. As a young adult I learned that this style of painting was laughed at and heavily criticized by the academy that trained and defined artists. Impressionism was a pejorative. Yet, this style (Impressionism and [...]

Failed Art Career

I didn’t grow up wanting to be an artist, but art was always something to do and I haven’t permanently left the pursuit. I’ve mentioned before that both of my parents had abusive upbringings. My father’s response was to be distant, paranoid of emotionally scarring his children. My mother began collecting and reading every parenting [...]

Box of Popcorn

Christmas is about Jesus and not presents, but I keep remembering that my opa (grandpa) gave me a 10 pack of popcorn one year for Christmas. I would not complain if he was a poor man doing what he could for a grandchild, but he stole my father’s inheritance and literally traveled the world with [...]

I had Intentions

This was to be the year I wrote a blog post every month. Need I say more? Despite my multiple jobs and responsibilities at home, I expected my procrastination toward school work to be more productive than this. As much as I would like to record new music, this will be it for a while. [...]