This will sound sarcastic but

I do appreciate strangers stopping me in a parking lot to tell stories of when they drove a car like mine.

These moments are exceptional when restoring a 23-year-old vehicle. Most people do not relate to such a process, especially since buying a newer car can be cheaper and better for a plethora of reasons. After all, if you haven’t replaced the parts by now, you probably will before you want to. Not to mention the rust and dents that occur. I mean, paint can only take so much. Dumping $8,000 into a $1,000 car is obviously stupid. Yet, this conclusion is often made by people that can’t distinguish the sounds of a 4-banger from a V8.

My wife and I bought a compact SUV for our family. It has plenty of features but my favorite is the turbo. Whether revving or accelerating, I enjoy spooling sounds of the device sucking in the air. I open the windows and ask, do you hear the turbo?! The answer is always, no. 

The minor lag being met with a sudden burst of acceleration is fun, and the noise is exciting, but I quickly realize that no one else cares.

Am I a car guy? Compared to people that don’t know how to change their motor oil, it appears I am. However, people discussing cylinder bore and stroke of block variations can quickly go over my head.

So, how much knowledge is needed to prove a sufficient level of interest?

It is my humble opinion that the defining characteristic of a car guy/girl is the ability to recognize trim levels.

Just as someone can enjoy music without having the ability to play an instrument, a person can enjoy the aesthetic and performance of a car without being a mechanic. In keeping with the metaphor, you are not a true fan of the band unless you can name the bassist.

It is one thing to know the name Supra. It is a bit better to know what a Supra looks like. Being interested in cars is knowing the MK4 Supra is what most people refer to when asking, is that a Supra?! Being a car guy is distinguishing between the 2JZ-GE and 2JZ-GTE options.

When people say “Mustang”, non-car people are just pointing at a pony emblem. While that should be an accurate indication, car people will have questions that go beyond V6 or V8. Because there are plenty of possibilities. Depending on the generation the car could be a Base model, GT, Boss, Mach 1, SVT Cobra, Shelby GT500, GT350, GT350R, Roush, or Saleen.

All of this is to say, I do not like the Mach-E/SUV crossover “pony.” Not because it’s electric, but because it is a crossover Ford is adamantly calling a Mustang. Ford can call it that with authority, but I will disagree publicly.

I have said this many times elsewhere. The decision reminds me of what Mitsubishi did to the Eclipse. Here is a car that helped make JDM an American obsession, twice. Yet this icon suffered a slow and miserable death. All of which was sad to watch. Then, Mitsubishi became Frankenstein and revived the car … 

As a crossover. And that is what Ford is doing with the Mach-E.

This is a slap in the face to loyal Mustang fans, and the namesake of Mach was a slap by the other hand.

Such a complaint is usually met with, but they are still making the car version so what is the fuss about? This would be persuasive if I could not buy an Escape, Edge, Explorer, Expedition, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Ranger, F-150, F-250, F-350, etc. 

The lineup has multiple names. The vehicle is cool, I will probably own one eventually, but name it something else. Anything else. Heck, call it a Camaro, just don’t call it a Mustang.

Corporate reasons seem to be, 1- We can sell more Mustangs if more vehicles are named Mustang. 2- People with Mustangs need a family car as well. Let’s make an SUV and call it a Mustang! They can still claim to drive a Mustang and do so with the whole family sitting comfortably.

I don’t like it.

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