10 Years Later

"Professors I respect have told me to choose between pursuing a career as an artist, musician, or author. I admit their unanimous advice is practical, but I desperately oppose such a requirement to choose a creative focus.  I fervently believe being an artist, musician and author makes sense. Yet, when I explain myself to friends, [...]

Book Club

This book was recommended by a friend. Our family backgrounds are similar, we are the same age, went to the same elementary school and middle school. We then attended different high schools (although part of the same county) and different colleges, although both were funded by the same state. Years later, we began talking again [...]

My Love Story

As you begin to tell people you're engaged, there are particular questions that are generally asked. For example, where is the wedding going to be, where are you going to live, and where was the proposal? When you answer the last question with "in a parking lot," people tend to react. In response to shaking [...]