This particular list was shared by one of my college professors.

The grievance is that there are holes in education. These holes are proof of propaganda. This selective absence of information is a prejudice that enhances one group while maligning all others. Education standards have been manipulated by nefarious people and practices that must be corrected by reforming our textbooks. This is not to be confused with rewriting history, this is uncovering the truth that was buried and sealed by racist bigots.

At this point let me stop to address something. 

One of the things I’ve seen multiple conservatives ask is, how are Republicans to blame for current systemic racism? Major cities, universities, the press, Hollywood, Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. are all led and run by Democrats. All major systems of power have been dominated by liberals for decades, yet redneck hillbillies are the popular scapegoat for the ills of our nation.

In regards to holes in education, there is a lot of recorded history. I am still annoyed that I didn’t hear of Thomas Sowell until after I graduated college. Why was Clarence Thomas going to be left out of the African American Museum in DC? Why is Larry Elder called an Oreo?

I knew of the Federalist Papers but had to discover the Anti-Federalist papers on my own. I could name Athens and Sparta but did not know about the Peloponnesian War until the movie 300 was released. I knew of Miles Davis but not Wes Montgomery.

The list of my ignorance is lengthy, but for me to assume malevolent intent upon my past teachers is emotional with questionable accuracy.

All of the required reading in my high school was dull and feminine, should I blame patriarchy for my discomfort? My favorite thing about English classes in college was that the professor chose the books. Half of them were amazing, half were a chore to read. It was in this English class that the professor told us only white people can be racist because only white people have power. The sitting US president at the time was Barack Obama.

Also, who considers public education to be a bastion of conservatism?

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