7- RULES FOR THEE [ January 7, 2020 ]

I would rather ignore controversy, but offending people seems inevitable. The only way to avoid such conflict is to have belief without definition. However, that is not an honorable way to live. Blog posts like this are why I hesitate to share my website with friends. Some will appreciate my thoughts despite disagreements, but I expect some will not.

I planned to leave Twitter yesterday, but then people stormed the capital and cognitive dissonance was on full display. Remember the Tea Party when Bostonians dressed up as people that weren’t Bostonians? Dress the part, fake it till you make it.

Last summer some people tried to overtake BLM marches. This produced the asterisked mostly peaceful protests. If you agreed with the cause, it was entirely peaceful. The few mentions of vandalism and fires were attributed to bad actors infiltrating an otherwise wholesome movement.

Fast forward 6 months. The storming of the capitol was entirely evil, making all objections to election results – evil. Who can deny this, it’s not like bad actors can infiltrate otherwise wholesome movements.

Of course, some are saying, “We marched for justice against a corrupt system. You are demanding power. We are not the same.” Allow me to grab a mirror. Look, your enemies believe they are virtuous as well.

Then again, this whole ordeal has served to reinforce the divide that was already there. Again, not that long ago, one side was convinced the election was stolen. Marches and slogans repeated the line, not my president. For those who didn’t mind the new leader, the results seemed fair. Yet, some sat back in disbelief and laughed at the whole ordeal.

Four years later. Those who were convinced the 2016 election was reasonable are now questioning 2020. Those who believed 2016 was stolen are now convinced that election fraud is impossible. We are all sore losers at some point in time. The wounds are made worse by the salt of undesired laws. After all, the cold civil war we are engaged in is fought with politics.

At what point should citizens pause to say, perhaps our government is too big if we are desperate for our side to win everything at all times? Did someone say something? Where’s my soma? I mean stimulus check.

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