Last week, teenagers were busy eating detergent. This week, they’re marching at municipal buildings.

To be fair, I don’t suspect the teenagers eating Tide Pods are the same ones demanding legislation. Yet, even if they were, I admit that seeing death has a way of drastically changing perspective.

Having said this, I want to show what social media looks like if you only see it once a week.

Point A- Police brutality is a huge problem.
Point B- Only the police should have guns.

You should give up your guns and trust the government.
Question- What do you think of Trump?
Answer- He’s Hitler.

Point A- I don’t trust the FBI to be objective and fair.
Point B- Look at these FBI statistics that support my statements.

P. A- Immigrants can’t be illegal, just undocumented.
P. B- My guns aren’t illegal, they’re just undocumented.

A- We should make guns illegal.
B- We should make drugs illegal.

Question- What do you think about Russia meddling with our election?
Answer- It’s horrible and should be illegal.
Q- What do you think about illegal immigrants voting in our election?
A- It’s a basic human right.

Question- How do you feel about North Korea having nuclear weapons?
Answer- They’re crazy, we should disarm them

Point 1- If banning guns could save just one life we should do it.
p. 2- When are we banning abortion?
p. 3- A woman has the right to choose.
p. 4- A citizen has the right to bear arms.
p. 5- You don’t have the right to nuclear weapons.
p. 6- You don’t have the right to murder unborn children.
p. 7- But once they’re born you stop caring about them.
p. 8- It’s not the government’s job to redistribute wealth.
p. 9- But it’s greedy for you to keep so much.
p. 10- But it’s greedy for you to take so much.

Point 1- We should be suspicious of all Muslims because one may be an extremist.
p. 2- We should be suspicious of all cops because one may abuse power.
p. 3- We should be suspicious of all men because one may try to rape me.
p. 4- We should be suspicious of all women because one may falsely accuse me of something.

Conclusion > We live in a dangerous world but we expect laws to keep us safe. However, we only feel obligated to obey laws we agree with. Furthermore, we only trust politicians that share our political affiliation.

We long to believe that freedom transcends conflict, but it is the opportunity for all to pursue free will in which differing opinions collide.


Update [ February 21, 2020 ]

Everything I want is a basic human right.
Disagreeing with me is a form of hate speech.


Update [ 2021 ]

Everything is racist.
Disagreeing with me makes you a white supremacist.

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