Becoming A Car Guy

I keep forgetting to take Before pictures, which is a shame because I’ve had to replace quite a bit. Throughout my time of driving Blue the radio and CD player quit working, the windows stopped working, the air conditioning, the heater core, the water pump, the radiator, radiator hoses, the speedometer, etc. Plenty of things [...]


I am calling him a friend even though we haven’t talked in years. We attended the same schools and played sports together for most of our childhood and teenage years. After high school we went to different colleges and now he lives in Atlanta. He shared this and it’s worth repeating. At the time of [...]

OK Boomer

One of the stories my mother recites often goes like this. Boys, when I’m old and gray which one of you will take care of me? My brother quickly responds with something like, you can come live with me! Then my mother points her gaze in my direction with a smile. To which my response [...]

Rules For Thee

I would rather avoid controversy, but offending people is so easy it seems inevitable. Plus, it appears the only way to avoid causing offense is to have belief without definition. That’s not an honest way to live, it’s not honorable. Blog posts like this are why I hesitate to share my website with friends. Some [...]

Is That A Supra?!

This will sound sarcastic but I really do appreciate strangers stopping me in a parking lot to tell stories of when they drove a car like mine. These moments are exceptional when restoring a 22 year old vehicle. Most people do not relate to such a process, especially since buying a newer car can be [...]

10 Years Later

"Professors I respect have told me to choose between pursuing a career as an artist, musician, or author. I admit their unanimous advice is practical, but I desperately oppose such a requirement to choose a creative focus.  I fervently believe being an artist, musician and author makes sense. Yet, when I explain myself to friends, [...]

Pedagogy + Education

This particular list was shared by one of my college professors. The grievance is that there are holes in education. These holes are proof of propaganda. This selective absence of information is prejudice that enhances one group while maligning all others. Education standards have been manipulated by nefarious people and practices that must be corrected [...]


I’m going down memory lane, I’ll keep this bullet pointed. Both of my parents endured abusive upbringings. Despite this my brother and I were raised in a Christian home. My father was given faith as an adult and decided to learn Hebrew to better understand the Tanakh. As a consequence I learned the Hebrew alphabet [...]