One of the stories my mother recites often goes like this. Boys, when I’m old and gray which one of you will take care of me? My older brother quickly responds, you can come live with me! Then my mother looks to me with a smile. To which I say, I’ll pay him to take [...]


When someone says modern art, I often consider things like– Piet Mondrian / De Stijl movement –which questions the skill level required to be popular. I understand where the mockery comes from, but there is a double standard to address. The typical complaint relates to a common ability to reproduce an expensive painting with recognizable [...]


A video comparing the recruitment advertisements of Russia and the US went viral. Common responses were that the US still has greater military might, Russia is a shell of its Soviet self, and this makes the US look good. Not to be unpatriotic, but the Titanic wasn’t instantly sunk after hitting an iceberg. However, the [...]


I am calling him a friend even though we haven’t talked in years. We attended the same schools and played sports together for most of our childhood and teenage years. After high school, we went to different colleges; now he lives in Atlanta. He shared this and it’s worth repeating. This would have required a [...]